Wednesday, March 30, 2011

With Love From Lacoste...

Hey all!

I'm writing to you from the tiny southern French town of Lacoste. I'm doing a quarter abroad here, so that's why I've been away for so long. But, I'm back now and with a few tidbits of things to share with all you lovelies! :D

First off, no, I have not forgotten about fashion. 2 lines are coming up this summer... 1. a new screen printed design based off of my favorite fairytaile, Cinderella of course! and 2. a fully color printed original print... Framboise Foncée De Chocolat. Or, in English, Dark Chocolate Raspberry! The print will come in 2 colorways and feature raspberry tarts, glasses of chocolate wine and all sorts of decadent treats.

In other new, I've also made it to the final round of the Gothic Lolita Wigs contest that is being held on Facebook right now! I've never been in any kind of contest like this before, so it's very exciting! I'm hoping to make it to the top with the support of my friends, and it is all so very much loved and appreciated. If you are interested in casting a vote for me, here's how you do it:

1. Go to the Gothic Lolita Wigs page on Facebook and "Like" the page.

2. Go to my photo, and "Like" that as well!

3. Get much love from Lindsay.

Well my friends, Au Revoir! Love and kisses from France.


  1. you're looking great! Glad to hear you are doing well. I'm of to Europe tomorrow..

  2. I really love that steampunk looking skirt on the left!!!

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