Sunday, December 26, 2010

The holidays...

I really hope you all had a great holiday! I'm snowed in right now here in CT, and been travelling so much that it's making my head spin! I've been really behind on things, everything it seems, but, I'm catching up as the new year approaches.

I'm here however to let all the followers here know that I'm really trying to sell off the pinstripe OOAK corset that I made for Laura in the AWA 2010 fashion show. I'm trying to raise money already for my ticket to France for my study abroad program, I'll be over there for almost three months! So here's some pictures...

I'm asking for $100 shipped in the US, anyone international can ask about shipping, although I doubt I'll charge much extra, I want this gone! It was made to fit a 30-32" waist (can possibly fit a few more...) and is triple lined, spring steel boned, and super durable, worn once for this show! <3>


  1. That's a fantastic corset. I wish you luck in selling it.

  2. Thanks! Not many people are interested though, makes me sad! Such a pretty piece. <3